Leo's love water! Or at least most of them do. 
So whenever we get the chance to head off to the nearest beach, lake or river we grab the opportunity. Mind you the Leo's are just as happy with the hose or paddling pool. 


A couple of times a month, on the weekends, we venture out and about to shows. These are mainly an hour or two from home but occasionally we head further afield. We enjoy the socializing with other dog people.  While doing well at the shows is always a bonus, we always bring the best dogs home. 

Pet Therapy

Judy has been actively involved with Canine Friends Pet Therapy since 2009.  All of our  older dogs have taken part in therapy work, and yes, the younger ones will once they are of age. 
Oaklin is currently visiting weekly at the Waikato Hospital where he has been visiting for the last 2 years. Prior to that J.D visited for 3 years there. A number of resthomes, playcenters  around the Waikato have had the pleasure of meeting our Leo's.
We have even taken in litters of puppies on request.



Leo's are a bit of a dab hand of working with and for people, wanting to please in many ways.
We were lucky enough to source a cart for our dogs. Over the years we have attended Christmas and birthday parties, helped out at fundraising events and lent the cart out to our pet families who live local so they can give it a try.  The Leo's are usually very quick to accept pulling a cart, we have only had one that has been a no-go.

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