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Welcome to Aroar Leonbergers

We look forward to you having a look around our website and letting you get to know a little about us and our Leonbergers. We also enjoy having visitors to our kennels so feel free to get in touch.
We are a farming family based in Cambridge, Waikato.  We have been farming for over 30 years and during this time we developed a passion and love for canines.
We  became aware of  Leonbergers in 1996 through a Kennel Gazette Breed Supplement published by the New Zealand KennelClub.
At this stage we had 2 German Shepherd’s. The more we read about Leonbergers the more we were in awe of the breed.  Time passed and sadly so did our dogs and we were left with our little KC, a rescued Australian terrier X.
Jeff dived into researching Leonbergers online and found to our delight that Schiehallion had announced a new litter. So off we trotted to meet with Ellie and Ian. Our love for Leonbergers was about to start an entirely new journey. We were so taken with the breed. Sadly there were no puppies for us in this litter but Ellie put us onto Verna and Simon at Simtara and in 2008 we became the very proud owners of Magnum.
The saying, ‘You can’t only have one Leonberger’ is too true and Magnum was followed with Ewok and then Tarrah. From there our numbers have just kept on growing with 7 now in our kennels.
While all our dogs get shown, they are first and foremost part of our family.  We have been involved with Canine Friends Pet Therapy since Magnum, our first Leo was 18mths and all our dogs have been used in this field in some way. 
Next step in our wonderful life with Leonberger’s has been to become breeders. Our aim is to  breed sound, well balanced dogs, taking every care along the way. We have added two imported dogs to our family, one from Japan and one from Canada. These two will help strengthen our genetics here at Aroar and in New Zealand. We are also the co-owners of an import from the UK.

 We look forward to hearing from you
Jeff and Judy McRae

Members of DogsNZ and The Leonberger Club - NZ

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